Villa medicea di Artimino


Your traditions in the heart of Tuscany

A Traditional Jewish wedding, full of meaningful rituals in the Renaissance land of Tuscany. Exceeding expectations...

Under the supervision of rabbi
Joseph Levi chief rabbi of Florence

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Villa medicea di Artimino

A Jewish Ceremony in Tuscany

Villa medicea di Artimino

Jewish functions and traditions in Tuscany


Friday dinner

Sabbath Ufruf ( call to the Torah)

Sabbath morning Kiddush

Seudah Shlishit


Huppa Ceremony

Wedding Kosher Meal

Information regarding your marriage ceremony in Florence

Florence Synagogue Community is orthodox and so is the Rabbi. The community follow the Sephardic minhag. There is no problem, however, about people of any minhag wishing to get married in Florence Community.

Weddings in the Synagogue are similar to weddings in other Shuls; both parents stand under the Huppah during the ceremony while men and women guests sit separated by the two sides of the Bimah. Dress-code is required as in any other Synagogue’s services. The Community is very happy to organize the celebration of your wedding and in order to do it properly they give you some information: Guests are permitted to attend the service according to the bride and bridegroom’s choice. The ceremony is performed in Hebrew, like the local use. Any change of the ceremony has to be concordate and approved by the Chief Rabbi. The Synagogue provides the Chuppah, a silver Kiddush cup and the glass to be broken at the end of the ceremony. The Synagogue provides a printed Ketubah.


should be fixed in agreement with the Rabbi, also to avoid those periods of the year when, by Jewish Law, the ceremony cannot take place and any other possible impediment. In order to secure your desired date, after the confirmation of the Rav, you need to guarantee it by giving to the Synagogue credit card info. Upon arrival in Florence you will pay the remaining amount. Witnesses, in any case must be shomerei mitzvoth Mikvè: As to the mikvè, the bride-to-be can perform the mitzvah here or in her own Community; in this latter case, she should produce a certificate, dated not more than four days before the wedding-ceremony, attesting that the mitzvah was performed. The marriage to take place, ten days should pass from the latest menstrual cycle.


a letter from an Orthodox Rabbi stating that you and your fiancée are both Jewish and are not currently married (Theudat Ravakut and Yahadut) must be supplied from the local rabbinic authorities of your residency.;the certificate must consequently affirm that you are free of any obstacle to get married according the Jewish law and custom. In case you woul like to celebrate the civil wedding as well, in addition to the Jewish one you'll have to submit an official state document certifying the "nulla osta" to your marriage on behalf of the local Florence’s commune authorities as well as your states of origin. The civil cermony following the religious one will be celebrated by Rabbi Levi who is recognised by the the state as a civil officer. For this practice additional documentation for the city hall may be requiered .

The marriage celebrated in Florence Synagogue is religious. Synagogue is not authorized to celebrate civil marriages other than with the authorization of the City Hall. The couple should then provide for that by themselves either in Florence or in their own country.

It is customary to arrange a Kiddush for the wedding-guests in our Community Center, which is just in the Synagogue garden. The hall, there, can hold 150 people and as many the adjoining garden. It is possible to arrange for a Kosher Kiddush. Fees would vary depending on number of people invited and on the kind of food etc.

For full information and assistance concerning the synagogue's option please fill the info request below.


Confirmation of the event s'date will be given by the rabbi after viewing your full information in the form below.

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